French at Priors Hall

At Priors Hall, we are committed to providing a culturally diverse and broad understanding of the world; by having the opportunity to learn a foreign language all children have the opportunity to explore a different culture to that of their own, including francophone history and geography.

We believe all children should have opportunity to take part in French sessions regardless of their academic ability or background. By providing children with the skills to learn languages, this will have a direct impact on children’s literacy skills and broaden their knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and phonic decoding. These are all vital skills that help children to become confident linguistics.

We ensure that children are aware of the broad and varied amount of French speaking countries in the world and that they understand that French is a living language that is spoken in different ways by a wide range of people across the globe.


French overview

We use Kapow to deliver French lessons across Key Stage 2. Below is an overview of the thematic topics covered in each year group:

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 3GreetingsAdjectives of colour, shape and sizeNumbers and ageIn the classroomTransportCircle of life
Year 4Portraits and physical appearance Numbers, calendars and datesClothesWeatherFoodEurovision Song Contest
Year 5Monster petsSpaceShoppingFrancophone world Verbs and activities Family
Year 6Football championsAt homePlanning a French holidayVisiting a town in FranceFrench sport and the OlympicsBook study: ‘La chenille qui fait des trous’

Useful websites


A good resource for learning new vocabulary.


BBC Bitesize:

Links to videos and activities which support the early stages of learning French.


La chenille qui fait des trous (The Hungary Caterpillar):

Video of French children reading the book.


Our geography co-ordinator is: Mr Lynch.

If you would like more information about our French curriculum please contact us on