Every child at Priors Hall  a learning community has the right to an outstanding education regardless of starting point or additional needs. We believe that all children can succeed and reach their full potential, in line with their individual needs and abilities, and that it is our job as educational professionals to give children the opportunity to achieve. We value the importance of a nurturing environment where the children feel supported whilst also gaining independence on their learning journey. At Priors Hall- a learning community, we aim to fully understand the specific needs of our children and continually reflect on best practice and the provision that facilitates their progress.  


The Inclusion Team  

Head of Pupil Support: Mrs Jacques White

SENDCo: Miss Lucy Nisbet

Personal Development Lead: Miss Katie Canham

Pastoral TA: Mrs Calla Haycock-Hall


Our approach to inclusion:  

At Priors Hall, our approach to offering an inclusive and supportive environment is guided by three main principles: 

1. Equality 

To be proactive in removing barriers that stand in the way of our SEND, EAL and PP children’s learning and success.  

 2. Diversity 

To meet our responsibilities to SEND, EAL and PP children by ensuring access to a broad and balanced curriculum that encourages inclusion and sets aspirations for their educational potential.  

 3. Belonging and cohesion 

To provide our SEND, EAL and PP pupils and families with a safe, welcoming, nurturing environment where they feel part of the process in setting and reviewing progress for their child.  


For more information about inclusion, please see our full policy.