Meet The Team

We would like to introduce you to our staff:

Senior Leadership Team and Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) 

Headteacher – Mrs Tess McQuade (Deputy DSL)  

Assistant Headteacher – Mr Ben Lynch (DSL)  

EYFS & KS1 Lead – Mrs Charlotte Brazier (DDSL)

KS2 & Assessment Lead - Mr Justin Pye (DDSL)

Pupil Support Lead & KS2 SENDco – Mrs Jacqueline White (DDSL)

SENDco - Miss Lucy Nisbet


Nursery   - SLT link Charlotte Brazier
Miss Alex Crawford (Lead Teacher),  Miss Leanne Johnston, Mrs Carly Butters (maternity leave), Mrs Karla Connelly, Miss Melissa Cunningham
Reception  - SLT link Charlotte Brazier
Mrs Nic McNab 

Miss Lucy Nisbet  & Mrs Sue Hackett

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gema Rooney, Mrs Andrea Rzymski & Mr Lennon Mackenzie 

Year 1  - SLT link Charlotte Brazier
Miss Marleigh Muir 

Mrs Charlotte Brazier & Mrs Lisa Miller

Teaching Assistants: Ms Debs Innocent

Year 2  - SLT link  Charlotte Brazier
Miss Sue Mathie 

Mrs Jacques White & Mr James Williams (student teacher)

Teaching Assistants: Miss Steph Colgan & Mrs Sarah Dredge (HLTA)

Year 3  SLT link Justin Pye
Miss Jenna Smith & Mrs Sarah Smith 

Mrs Michelle Bruce & Mrs Georgia Briscoe

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Kayleigh Konarczak

Year 4 - SLT link Justin Pye
Miss Ellie Johnson

Mrs Annalee Blake 

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Kristina Martin

Year 5 - SLT link Justin Pye 
Mr Justin Pye  

Mr Harry Barwell

Teaching Assistants: 

Mrs Sarah Larrett (HLTA) & Mrs Lindsey James

Year 6 – SLT link Justin Pye
Mrs Jo Young  & Mrs Lorna Ellis

Miss Katie Canham

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Chloe Johnsen

Professional Service Staff 

Pastoral TA  Higher Level Teaching Assistants 
Mrs Calla Haycock-Hall Mrs Sarah Larrett & Mrs Sarah Dredge
Lunch Time Supervisors  
Steph Colgan (Lead), Cristina Manescu, Lucy Rogers, Hilary Vetere, Adele King, Neringa Rasic, Jessica Benney, Theresa Collins, Dawn Harrison
Bursar   Administrators 
Mrs Sarah Russell Thompson  Mrs Nikki Moxam, Mrs Aimee Fogg 
Site Supervisor  Cleaning Staff  
Mr Andrew Lyons Ms Laura Curston, Ms Maria Ezequiel(Lead), Mrs Hilary Vetere, Mrs Lucy Rogers, Helen Robinson, Dawn Harrison