Year 4

Welcome to Year Four! 

The Year Four staff team are: Ellie Johnson, Annalee Blake and Steph Colgan.

Our classes are named Walliams (Y4EJ) and Morpurgo (Y4AB) after the two famous authors.  

We are going to be studying and exploring 6 exciting topics this academic year. Topics will be explored through all areas of the curriculum. These are: 


Autumn 1 (History)Autumn 2 (Geography)Spring 1 (Geography)Spring 2 (Science)Summer 1 (History)Summer 2 (Science)
I am Warrior! Misty Mountains, Winding RiversRoad Trip to the USABurps, Bottoms and BileTraders and Raiders Blue Abyss



We use a range of rewards throughout Year Four including Star of the Week, House Points and certificates which are presented in our Celebration Assemblies. We use Class Dojo and Schoolcomms to communicate with parents. 

Throughout the year, parents will be invited to share their children's achievements in class, join in with the children’s experiences and come on school trips and local visits if able to volunteer some time. 


Multiplication Check  

Multiplication tables are a fundamental part of becoming a competent and fluent mathematician. From June 2019, children in Year 4 will be tested on their multiplication tables. The test will consist of 25 times table questions and will be carried out electronically.   

To prepare children for this test, there will be regular practice and an emphasis on children being able to know their multiplication facts quickly and accurately. This will link into weekly homework and be tracked carefully by class teachers.  

For more information about the Multiplication Tables Check please visit the links below:  

Information for Parents Multiplication Tables Check

Times Tables Parents Guide (Third Space Learning)


Home Learning 

Home Learning is given weekly and is set to enhance your child’s learning and to work on skills and knowledge they have learnt that week. Home Learning tasks cover the following areas of learning: 

  • English 
  • Reading 
  • Spellings 
  • Multiplication tables practice 
  • Maths questions 
  • Topic based project 


Useful Links 

Below are some recommended links that will enhance your child’s learning further: 


Purple Mash 


Keeping parents informed

Throughout the year, parents will be invited to share their children's achievements in class, listen to the children read, join in with the children’s experiences and possibly volunteer to go on school trips.