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How we teach maths at Priors Hall a learning community 

At Priors Hall a learning community, we value the importance of teaching fundamental mathematical knowledge so that all children can become ‘ready for life’.   

In the Early Years, we start to build this knowledge through continuous provision. In reception the children have a taught input, planned from the NCETM Mastering Number programme or White Rose Maths. From Autumn 2, there is a must do activity - A Rainbow Challenge. This comes from the curriculum or is identified from gap analysis noted from observations. Children’s’ learning is evidenced on working walls, child’s voice in the environment and maths books, from Autumn 2. Maths within the environment, both inside and out, will mirror the learning taking place that week.  

In Years 1 to 6, we develop the knowledge acquired in the early years and build on this using the White Rose Maths approach to mastery; this allows us to ensure our maths curriculum is progressive and sequential throughout the school.Schemes of Learning (SOL) break down what children need to learn during each week of each term in order to master the learning objectives laid out by the National Curriculum.  

The ethos of using a whole school mastery approach is one which is based on all children being able to achieve and develop their mathematical knowledge. No pupils are considered ‘low ability’ or allowed to feel like they ‘can’t do maths’. Instead, we adopt a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and children are taught to enjoy working with numbers; this is achieved through building a deep understanding of topics, helping children become confident mathematicians who embrace mathematical challenges. 

Teaching resources used in lessons are aligned with the White Rose Maths frameworks and are designed to be enjoyable, engaging and varied, to help pupils develop a love of learning and work towards mastery with differentiated resources. 

Mathematical topics are introduced to children in a logical order and sequential order, encouraging deep learning and ensuring children have the foundational knowledge they need before moving on to more advanced maths concepts. Through regular retrieval practice, accurate formative and summative assessment allows teachers to adapt teaching to suit the needs of all children.   

UsingWhite Rose Maths for home learning, parents and carers can follow the yearly framework for their child’s year group. Through the clear Schemes of Learning, parents and carers can keep children on track with home learning sessions aligned with the National Curriculum. In addition to this, we supplement out of school maths learning with Numbots and TTRockstars to promote number and times table fluency, as well as regular arithmetic practice allowing children to apply their knowledge independently.   

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