Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RSE)

Priors Hall RSE Statement

At Priors Hall ALC, we acknowledge that every child is entitled to receive RSE regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, age, culture, disability, sexuality, language ability, special needs, disadvantaged and looked after children, as per DfE guidance. It is our intention that all children have the opportunity to develop skills in order to empower them to make positive decisions in their lives.

Our RSE curriculum

PSHE lessons, which includes all of the RSE content, are categorised into five key topics, that we return to progressively in each year group, making pupils’ prior and future learning clear. Topics include:

• Family and relationships

• Health and wellbeing

• Safety and the changing body

• Citizenship

• Economic wellbeing

• Identity (Year 6 unit)

Relationships Education

Relationships Education in primary schools will cover: ‘families and people who care for me’, ‘caring friendships’, ‘respectful relationships’, ‘online relationships’ and ‘being safe’ (DfE, 2019).

Health Education

Health Education in primary schools will cover ‘mental wellbeing’, ‘internet safety and harms’, ‘physical health and fitness’, ‘healthy eating’, ‘drugs and alcohol and tobacco’, ‘health and prevention’, ‘basic first aid’ and ‘changing adolescent body’ (DfE, 2019).

Sex Education

Sex Education is not compulsory beyond the national curriculum for science in primary schools, whereas Relationship and Health Education are. Here at Priors Hall, we do intend to teach Sex Education as part of our PSHE lessons in the Year 6 unit of 'Safety and the Changing Body'.

We follow Kapow schemes of learning and adapt them to the needs of our children. Click the links below to see useful documents, including a parent guide and the content overview. NB: The Kapow documents are password protected as they are solely for the parents and carers of our school community - the password can be found on recent RSE correspondence or contact the school office.

Parents and Carers Consultation

Parents have been consulted regarding the content and delivery of our RSE curriculum – please see the tab on the left.


Key Documents


Year Group Coverage

For more information regarding RSE at Priors Hall, please take a look at our RSE policy or contact: Personal Development Lead (Katie Barratt) -

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