Our School Curriculum

The curriculum at Priors Hall – a learning community  

Our curriculum aims to ensure every child knows that they are valued and that their primary school journey is important to all of us. Not only does our curriculum encourage academic excellence and success but it is carefully designed to offer balance, challenge and relevance to the children of Priors Hall.


A successful curriculum not only develops children academically but also holistically and Priors Hall prides itself on its approach to character education. Character education prepares our children to be well-rounded humans who understand, accept and embrace differences, challenges and new opportunities. By doing this, children are able to successfully contribute to, and be confident in understanding, their place in society.


Our leaders believe it is important that our curriculum design is viewed as a 'never ending journey' for all within our school community; we constantly adapt and tweak our curriculum to ensure that it reflects the needs of our children, their families and our local community. Our core curriculum principles remain unwavering: a broad, balanced and knowledge-rich curriculum available to all children with a relentless focus on both academia and building character.

If you would like to speak with anyone in more detail about our curriculum, please make contact with Ben Lynch by contacting the school office.


Core principles  

Our curriculum will:  

  • Explore the breadth and depth of the EYFS framework and National Curriculum allowing children to create links between aspects and themes both within and across a range of subjects.   
  • Deliver rich and deep subject knowledge by utilizing children’s natural curiosity and love of learning.  
  • Enable children to challenge themselves and feel satisfied with the progress they make in their learning.  
  • Include opportunities to be creative and utilizes children’s existing skills to learn new ones  
  • Allow children to use skills across a range of different contexts to avoid learning becoming compartmentalized.  
  • Be purposeful and show children the relevance of learning new skills in their life.  
  • Be coherent and progressive to allow every child, regardless of their academic ability or socio-economic background, to achieve.  



Our curriculum will:  

  • Foster children’s natural curiosity, enabling creativity and promoting a love of learning.   
  • Allow children to be catalysts of their own learning and independently research aspects of subjects which interest them.  
  • Enable children to be reflective learners who are responsible for their own learning and are able to problem solve effectively.   
  • Excite, promote and sustain children’s interests showing them how and where they can learn more beyond the classroom.  



Our curriculum will promote:  

  • Compassion, respect and a desire to understand cultural and social diversity.  
  • Accountability and responsibility for actions including understanding children’s democratic rights and the importance of the rule of law.  
  • Understanding of every individual’s personal liberties and their importance.  
  • Cultural awareness by understanding British culture and how this may be similar or different to other world cultures.  
  • Social awareness by developing children’s confidence, communication and problem-solving skills so they are able to participate in the local and wider community.  
  • Moral awareness by recognizing right from wrong, and understanding that actions have consequencesthrough investigating moral and ethical issues and offering reasoned views.  
  • Spiritual awareness by exploring beliefs, experiences and faiths, feelings and values of others or groups of people and reflecting on how these may differ from children’s own.  



Our curriculum will promote:  

  • Peaceful, stimulating and supportive learning environments which allow everyone the opportunity to access learning.  
  • Celebrate diversity and individuality in children from all ethical, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.  
  • Respectful relationships between children, adults, parents and members of the wider community.  
  • Resilience and the ability to problem-solve both inside and outside of the classroom.  
  • Co-operation between different groups of children, parents and members of the wider community.  



Our curriculum will:  

  • Give children the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom through off-site trips, outdoor learning opportunities and school links to the wider community.  
  • Offer specialist curriculum days and weeks to allow children to explore topics in detail and to gain a wider understanding of a subject.  
  • Build links with parents, carers and community leaders to highlight the importance of working collaboratively with others.  
  • Offer children the opportunity to explore their interests and talents through a range of before and after school clubs run by specialists.