Our School Curriculum

Priors Hall's Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum aims to ensure every child knows that they are valued and that their primary school journey is important to all of us. Not only does our curriculum encourage academic excellence and success but it is carefully designed to offer balance, challenge and relevance to the children of Priors Hall.

A successful curriculum not only develops children academically but also holistically and Priors Hall prides itself on its approach to character education. Character education prepares our children to be well-rounded humans who understand, accept and embrace differences, challenges and new opportunities. By doing this, children are able to successfully contribute to, and be confident in understanding, their place in society.

Our leaders believe it is important that our curriculum design is viewed as a 'never-ending journey' for all within our school community; we constantly adapt and tweak our curriculum to ensure that it reflects the needs of our children, their families and our local community. Our core curriculum principles remain unwavering: a broad, balanced and knowledge-rich curriculum available to all children with a relentless focus on both academia and building character.

The motto "Ready for Learning, Ready for Life" runs through the heart of Priors Hall. We believe it is important that everyone has the opportunity to learn about diversity, the protected characteristics outlined in the Equality Act 2010 and feel that the school environment and curriculum represents them. Learning is adapted to meet the needs of all children at all developmental stages ensuring everyone can be successful; this includes making our curriculum accessible to those children with disabilities and special educational needs. By offering an inclusive and diverse curriculum, we believe all children will be ready for the next steps in their education when they leave us in Year 6.