“Music has a power of forming the character and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young” Aristotle (Greek Philosopher)

At Priors Hall, we believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and to develop their understanding of a wide range of musical genres from different cultures and points in history. We teach music using the Kapow scheme three times a year, as well as teach singing through whole class performances, and offer music lessons provided by NMPAT for those children wishing to learn an instrument throughout their journey at Priors Hall. In Year 6, all children have the opportunity to learn a brass instrument.

Curriculum overview

We use Kapow to deliver music from Reception to Year 6. The curriculum focuses on musical dynamics as well as different musical genres from different cultures and historical periods.

ReceptionCelebration musicMusic and movementBig band
Year 1Pulse and rhythmMusical vocabularyPitch and tempo
Year 2African call and response songOrchestral instrumentsOn this island: British songs and sounds
Year 3BalladsDeveloping singing techniquesJazz
Year 4Body and tuned percussionChanges in pitch, tempo and dynamicSamba and carnival sounds and instruments
Year 5Composition notation BluesLooping and remixing
Year 6Dynamics, pitch and tempoTheme and variation Baroque

Progression across the curriculum

Throughout our music curriculum, we build on children's musicianship and their knowledge of different genres of music. To see our curriculum's progression of skills and knowledge, please click the following link:

Music Progression Document

Useful Links

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Our school has been invited by the music Music Service to become a Music Mark School. They have recognised the value we place on music and we have been added to the growing network of Music Mark Schools supported across the UK as a Music
Subject Association.  Please click below to view the certificate.

Music Mark Schools Certificate

Our music co-ordinator is: Miss Dale. If you would like more information about our music curriculum, please contact Miss Dale on