"Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible." Alan Turing (Mathematician and Computer Scientist)

Through teaching computing at Priors Hall we ensure that our broad and balanced curriculum equips our pupils with the valuable life skills and ability to participate in a rapidly changing world, where leisure and work opportunities are increasingly transformed by technology. computing skills enable children to improve their problem solving and creative thinking skills, and it helps them to develop resilience.

Curriculum Coverage

At Priors Hall we implement the three strands of the computing curriculum:

Computer Science (CS)

How computers and computer systems work and how they are designed and programmed.

Information Technology (IT)

The purposeful use of existing programs to develop products and solutions.

Digital Literacy (DL)

The skills knowledge and understanding needed in order to participate fully and safely in an increasingly digital world.

We use Kapow Computing scheme of work which ensures a progressive sequence of learning. Pupils will take part in a planned Kapow lesson once per week and have access to a range of technology devices both in the classroom and in our school computer suite. Each year group will also complete a unit of work based around online safety.

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
EYFSComputing systems and networks – Using a computerProgramming 1 – All about instructionsComputing systems and networks 2 – Exploring hardwareProgramming 2 – Programming Bee-botsData handling – Introduction to data Online Safety unit
Year 1Computing systems and networks – Improving mouse skillsProgramming 1 – Algorithms unpluggedData handling – Introduction to data Skills showcase – Rocket to the MoonCreating media – Digital imagery Online Safety unit
Year 2Computing systems and networks 1 – What is a computer?Programming 1 – Algorithms and debugging"Computing systems and networks 2 – Word processing "Programming 2 - ScratchjrOnline Safety unit Data handling – International space station
Year 3Computing systems and networks 1 – Networks and internetProgramming - ScratchOnline Safety unit Computing systems and networks 2 – Emailing Creating media – Video trailers Data handling – Comparison cards databases
Year 4Online Safety unit Programming 1 – Further coding with ScratchComputing systems and networks – Collaborative learning Programming 2 – Computational thinking Skills showcase - HTML Skills showcase - HTML
Year 5"Computing systems and networks – Search engines "Programming 1 – Programming music Data handling – Mars Rover 1 Online Safety unit Creating media – Stop motion animation Programming 2 – Micro:bit
Year 6Online Safety unit Data handling – Big data 1Programming – Intro to Python Computing systems and networks – Bletchley Park Creating media - History of computers Skills showcase – Inventing a product

Progression across the curriculum

During their time at Priors Hall - a learning community, children develop their computing skills to prepare them for future learning and provide them with essential skills for life. To see our computing curriculum's progression of skills and knowledge, please follow the link below:

Computing Progression Document

Online Safety

In a modern world where technology is readily available to all, it is important to stay safe online. At Priors Hall, we are passionate about keeping everyone safe online and safeguarding children from potential dangers. For more information, please see the online safety section of our website under the safeguarding tab.

Useful links

Barefoot (KS1 and KS2)

Downloadable activities and games for children, links to live lessons and a guide for parents - includes cross-curricular lesson plans and resources that unpack computational thinking in a range of subjects.

Code Club (KS2)

Projects and activities for home learning and a parent guide.

UK Safer Internet Centre (KS1 and KS2)

Online safety resources aimed at 3 -11 year olds.

STEM Learning e-Library (KS1 and KS2)

An online resource bank, which links to resources on external websites. The site features a live chat function offering support from subject experts. New home learning resources are being developed.

Raspberry Pi Foundation – Digital Making at Home (KS2)

Join the weekly code-along using open projects based on a weekly theme, with different levels available for all abilities, allowing you to be open-ended with opportunities for making and creativity.

Thinkfun – All ages

Unplugged activities for children to learn the basics about algorithms without a computer.

Our Computing co-ordinator is: Mrs Clennett. If you would like more information about our computing curriculum please contact Mrs Clennett on